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Didn’t meet Sara, but she waved to me twice from the stage! Misty recognized me from the audience and tweeted me afterwards :) I am so very happy. Blessings. I just loooooove Sara B and the crew!!!

thestressedunrest: I LOVE YOUR BLOG have fun at sara tonight!!!

Awww thank you! You are so kind!! I am going to party party party tonight with Sara B!!!

greatbigbeautifulsky: If you want to meet her go to the part of the venue where her tour buses are parked after the show. There should be a group of people there so you'll know you're at the right place. I'm pretty sure she usually comes out around 1 am

I will do just that!! Thank you so much!! :)

I AM SEEING THE QUEEN HERSELF TONIGHT!!!!! Gonna try my very hardest to meet her!! If anyone has any tips on how to do that please message me I would appreciate it so much!!

If I used the term “BAE” I would use it on Sara

Anonymous: How adorable is sara b???


Ask me how adorable I think Sara is and I’ll probably only answer in high pitched squeals